About Stories They Tell
Christine Damm
Stories They Tell is the name I call my company, because I am a storyteller. For me, life is a process, a journey, a transformation, an unfolding. And as our lives tell a story, so does our art. We – and it-- are shaped by what we've done, who we've met, what we've learned, what we've struggled with or succeeded at. Life is an intersection with other souls, other lives, other ways of seeing, other ways of living. Art expresses that in a wonderful and ever-changing, topsy-turvy marvel of creation and discovery.

My way of thinking about art and making it is influenced by ethnic, tribal, and folk art, and is layered and complex. Even the simple things I make have layers-- of color, of texture, of materials, of design, of meaning-- and keep unfolding to the touch, to the sight, to the senses and to the spirit.

​I've making art for most of my life. I can't remember a time when I 
was not drawing or sewing or doing something with my hands. I have 
been a potter, a dressmaker, a textile designer, a graphics artist. I've
 hooked rugs and upholstered chairs and painted scenes on furniture. 
I live in rural Vermont on an 1830s farmstead so there are stories 
surrounding me everywhere-- in fact, buried in the very earth I walk on.

I began working seriously in polymer clay in 2009 but all my creative paths have led me to this one medium, which awakened my true creative heart. It is the most versatile, colorful and technically flexible art material I've ever worked in. And it has my favorite artistic characteristic: it allows the most spontaneous expression of my vision and imagination.

Making art everyday is what I live for but my primary goal with this website is to provide the inspiration and learning opportunity for others to discover and express their creative vision too. I have lately discovered and completely embrace the quote: “The place God calls you is the place where your great gladness and the world's great hunger meet”. 

My work has been seen in the following books, publications and galleries:

"Salvage"  - Found objects show at Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, VT - 2016
Polymer Arts Magazine - Spring 2016
The Missing Link - 2013                                                          
Polymer Clay: Global Perspectives - 2013
Polymer Arts Magazine - Fall 2013
Bead Soup - 2012
Wire Style 2 - 2011
Belle Armoire Jewelry, Designer Collection Feature- Fall 2011
Hancrafted Jewelry Magazine - 2011
Stringing Magazine - 2009

I teach at my home in Vermont and at Fletcher Farm School for the Arts and Crafts, Ludlow, VT and Studio Place Arts, Barre, VT.